Proper Storage of Shotgun Ammo

Gun owners prize their shotguns for there personal defense, recreational shooting, and hunting uses. Ammunition for these firearms comes in shell form, unlike rifles and handguns. Unfortunately, many owners fail to store their shotgun ammo in the right manner. Nothing is worse than dealing with degraded ammo. Unsecured ammo can lead to accidents and other unwanted situations, too. Therefore, gun owners need to handle their shells with care in order to avoid issues.

How to Store Shells In The Best Manner Possible

The average shotgun owner stores their shells in a cabinet or on a shelf. Others leave their ammunition in the garage or stored in a drawer. Of course, most of these storage locations are not secure. A number of individuals fail to realize that shotgun ammo is best stored under specific conditions. Shells will degrade over time when stored in a moist or hot environment. Sometimes, an individual checks on their ammo only to discover that moisture has destroyed the shells.

Heat causes a similar degradation of the shells and interior components. For that reason, keep your ammunition in a dry, room temperature environment. Shells should always be stored in a secure box or locker rather than left out on a shelf. Keeping shells away from the elements ensures they’ll last for a long time. In fact, properly stored shells can last for a minimum of 10 years on average. The absence of heat and moisture keeps some shells usable for decades.

Taking Security Into Consideration

Aside from the elements, owners should protect their shotgun ammunition from unauthorized access. Households with children need to be extra protective of their firearm ammunition. Accidents can lead to serious injuries and even death when combined with a firearm. Without a doubt, shells are best stored in a locked, secure cabinet. If they’re left in an easily accessible space, then various problems can arise. A homeowner can’t secure a firearm without securing its ammunition, too.

Proper Storage of Firearms and Ammunition Matters

In the end, shotguns and their shells should be stored apart from each other. Proper ammunition storage guarantees that the ammunition will work when used. Heat and moisture can quickly damage shells and make them useless. Plus, secure storage ensures that only authorized individuals can access the ammo. Too many gun owners are lax with their ammo storage protocols. Improper storage can lead to lost ammo and, by extension, lost money.