Is It Easy to Buy Ammo Online?

According to reports, the Colorado theater gunman bought almost 60,000 rounds of ammo online. Such reports have raised concerns about the easy availability of ammunition on the Internet. Experts suggest that the availability of ammunition depends on whether you purchase it from any store or individual.

Buying from a Store vs Buying from an Individual

According to Federal Law, when you purchase ammo from a certified dealer, out of state or in state, online or in person, you’re subject to a thorough background check. When you’re buying from a retailer online, it triggers a face to face session with a licensed gun dealer nearby. However, the background check can be easily completed over the phone. If you pass, the documentation goes to the online retailer, who ships your order to local dealer. You can easily pick up your purchases from the store.

On the other hand, when one individual sells ammo to another, conditions are way more lax. When there’s a transaction between individuals living in same state the Federal Gun Control Act does not require record keeping. This has also been stated by the Federal Bureau of ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives).

Different States, Different Laws

It’s worth mentioning that some state laws impose certain restrictions. Iowa, California, Minnesota, Maryland, New York and New Jersey have passed stricter laws, which include at least one or many of the following conditions, such as banning sales of guns, requiring paperwork, imposing a specific waiting period between the receipt and purchase, outlawing fully-automatic assault weapons and more.

In some other states, you can only purchase assault rifles and handguns locally from people within the state. You can purchase a gun without a good background check as long as you’re 21 years or older. According to law enforcement authorities, people shouldn’t sell ammo or firearms to an individual who may be a fugitive, threatening or stalking a partner, has a restraining order against him, addicted to a controlled substances or a violent crime conviction.

Selling Ammo Online

When it comes to selling ammo online, it can be difficult to make out whether a person is dangerous or not. Due to this, it is important to conduct a thorough background check of the buyer before going for ammo online for sale. In case you’re planning to buy ammo online, you should also gather more information about the seller. This makes sure you make a purchase within your state and federal laws.